Dreaming of Fish Poo Plants

Written by Jackie

Living through our 20’s are tough for most of us – it’s the time we make some of our biggest decisions. We have moments of clarity and joy, scattered with moments of inquisition and uncertainty. We question the time we spend on this planet earning money, and whether more money and stability is worth sacrificing happiness. Through our love of the environment, science, and community, Sean and I discovered aquaponics, and the possibility of a tiny business selling plants grown from fish poo. Sounds exciting right?!

I guess we’ve got a tiny head start on it – the land part. Oh, and about thirteen grand in the bank. Aside from that, we are as green as they come (utterly clueless I mean, not our thumbs), so we planned a two week WWOOF vacation out to the coast to learn from the experts at Sunshine Coast Aquaponics. Being that it’s so new, I think I only found about 5 hosts in all of Canada!

Like anything, throwing all your eggs in one basket is scary. But how much should you learn about something before making a go of it? We envision a life where we can set our own hours and have the ability to stop working for a while if we like. Living modestly should come with it’s perks, at least that’s what we think. So could aquaponics allow us this lifestyle?

There are in-depth courses on aquaponics, but they’re not completely necessary to learn what you need to get started, so we bought a cheap one online offered by some of the best in the industry.

After digging a little deeper into it, we realized having fish wouldn’t allow us to take the time off we desire. It isn’t as simple as just getting rid of them end of season, and starting up again the following spring (the land is located where winter is actually winter, unlike our beautiful ‘winters’ on the coast, and we didn’t want to stick around to hang out with Frosty anyway). So maybe the things we aspire to don’t always make sense for income purposes…back to the drawing board…

It’s definitely scary to go from having a reliable steady income to investing in something you don’t have certainty about. The only certainty we have is the lifestyle we want to live in order to achieve happiness. We want to be able to work when we want and fully enjoy what we do.

So using this as a starting point, we’ve decided that working for a while longer full time is important, (I know, it’s actually the complete OPPOSITE of what I’ve been saying). We are fortunate enough to be in a position where only one of us needs to work full time to maintain our lifestyles. Sean is going to start up his guitar lessons again, and this time make a serious go of it (he’s had a rude reminder of the crap that comes with working for someone else after being off work for a year).

And as for me? I’m going to continue working full time until I find something else to transition into for money. My new idea as of last night, (don’t laugh) is wooden rings, I found a guy who offers one-on-one weekend classes. In the very least I will learn something new and possibly develop a new hobby 🙂 And in the meantime, any extra money that comes from working, along with my savings, will go into our tiny house (we’ve decided it’s a good idea to build again, pending research into just how easy it is to park on farm land – here we come farmer’s market! 😉 )

Let’s see where this life takes us in the next couple weeks. As you may have figured out by now, that’s about how often we seem to change our minds…



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